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Story of Our Founder

Our founder, Gertrude Martin, is a survivor of domestic violence. A little over 10 years ago, she suffered spousal abuse commonly termed “Domestic Violence”. She subsequently lost her job, several homes and became impoverished. She was sitting at a gas station in 105-degree heat with her 9-year-old daughter in Atlanta, Georgia, selling bed sheet sets to survive. Gertrude’s life turned around when she did the Landmark Forum and went back to schools and obtained Project Management Professional Certification; started her own consulting company and began travelling nationwide implementing information systems for hospitals.

In that moment, Gertrude got present to how education changed her life and now wants to share that with the entire world. Gertrude imagined what life would be like for people worldwide if she could bring sexual and gender-based violence intervention and prevention programs to millions of young people who are victims, and to advocate for a coordinated community response within the formal justice systems to hold perpetrators accountable for the violence they commit, and end sexual and gender-based violence for all people.

Through the Team Management and Leadership Program at Landmark-Worldwide, she regained her confidence and developed skills to fulfill on her commitment to inspire others to action and create a bright future for themselves. Gertrude formed Young Quality Academy Foundation (YQA Foundation), a nonprofit with a team of people who are passionate about education and the opportunities it provides.
YQA Foundation is the beginning of opportunities to end family violence, and to equip all people for success in the 21st Century Global Economy.

The impact of family violence is realized by every age group, race, ethnicity, socio-economic group, gender and community. As Gertrude shares her story, audience members find themselves challenging their professional and personal beliefs. Her experience illustrates the consequences that violence has on individuals and society at-large, including mental health problems, addiction, homelessness and incarceration. Her story evokes anger, frustration, and despair. It often triggers past traumas; it motivates; it empowers and it restores faith in humanity. It reminds us of the tremendous impact one individual can have on the lives of others.

Who We Are

YQA Foundation is a non-profit organization with a specific purpose to provide underserved people with tools and skills for realizing their dreams in the 21st Century Global Economy. By offering educational programs that are innovative and immediately applicable, we will help low income, mistreated, youth and adults as well as professional, businesses and organizations. Our programs will produce breakthrough results in the lives of the people who participate in them.

YQA Foundation holds a 501(c) (3) Tax Exempt status in the United States, and is accredited by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Accreditation # 220-014, to provide educational programs for family violence offenders.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the way in creating self-reliant communities free of family violence and all forms of violence where people are engaged in leadership and take ownership in the the transformation of lives, communities and to alleviate poverty.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip people with tools and skills to empower and enable them to realize their dreams, and achieve maximum independence for success in the 21st Century Global Economy.

Our Values


We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and by honoring our word.
People are actively engaged in leadership, and take ownership in the transformation of local communities to break the cycle of violence and poverty.
Aims to influence decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions.
We Value each other while encouraging individual contribution and accountability.
We encourage diverse viewpoints and inspire individuals to contribute to transforming lives and to the organization.

Our Global Communities

YQA Foundation Country Coordinators (CCs)

YQA Foundation supports, educates and empowers multicultural communities worldwide through Country Coordinators. YQA Foundation Country Coordinators are YQA Foundation member leaders found worldwide. They serve as a YQA Foundation point of contact for members in their country. Act as a liaison to YQA Foundation, and support the formation of Local Community Members. Through comprehensive social services and educational programs, they will create access to opportunities for survivors of human rights abuses, and equip youth with skills to become leaders in their own diverse communities. Country Coordinators will facilitate networking opportunities.

YQA Foundation-Local Community Members (LCMs)

LCMs are community members found outside of the US/Canada who will report to their country coordinator (s)

  • Being part of a local community member near you will connect you with other professionals in your local area.
  • Local community members make new contacts, network, and build knowledge through community education, participation in local projects and events.
  • Participation in these activities and in leadership training provides opportunity for personal development and growth.

YQA Foundation Student Members (SMs)

YQA Foundation student members can get involved on campus by:

  • Leading or participating in student membership activities
  • Create an awareness of non-violence
  • Network of quality professionals to get a head start on their career.
  • Develop leadership skills by working with Community Members (CMs) and faculty or staff at the host institution.


Where We Are Now

YQA Foundation is now accredited by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to provide education programs for men/women who batter, with the focus on keeping victim safe and holding family violence offenders accountable for the violence they commit. We have created partnership with global leaders to bring Landmark Forum to Liberia by 2018. As the result of their participation in the Landmark Forum, Liberians are now actively engaged in leadership and have taken ownership in the transformation of Liberia becoming middle income country by 2030. In 5 years, we will be impacting the lives of over one million people worldwide.

Our Non-Discrimination Policy

Young Quality Academy Foundation is not affiliated with or restricted to a religious group and does not discriminate based on race, creed, color, national origin, age, sex, disability or marital status in any of its educational programs or activities, employment practices, or admissions policies. This policy applies to hiring of all positions and admission of all participants into all its programs. Participants with special needs such as physical or mental handicaps or learning disabilities are considered for admission provided they meet the entrance requirements. The program director is responsible for accepting participants and determining whether applicants, including those with special needs, can benefit from our offerings.

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