Battering Intervention & Prevention Program (BIPP)

Our Primary Approach:

YQA Foundation BIPP primary purpose is to increase safety for women and children. We believe that batterers are capable of personal transformation. YQA Foundation-BIPP is designed to help batterers acknowledge the destructive nature of their past/present abusive behavior, and accept the responsibility for their actions.
YQA Foundation BIPP’s service consists of Intake/Assessment, Orientation, Group Session and Exit. With the Duluth Model as our approved curriculum,

At a minimum, our program

  1. Holds batterers accountable for their violence, abusive behavior while keeping victim safe.
  2. The program staff understand, present, and teach batterers to see the perspective of the victim and children.
  3. Our Facilitators avoid colluding and encourage batterers to work towards positive behavior change, promotion of responsibility and accountability.
  4. This includes identification and confrontation of excuses of abuse.
  5. Our program promotes the fact that abuse is the sole choice and responsibility of the batterer. Abuse is never justified.
  6. We subscribe to the belief that a community joined together to create a circle of accountability is an effective method in reducing domestic violence recidivism.
  7. We also believe that an early intervention for first-time offenders are necessary preventive steps towards reducing early criminal patterns of behaviors.
  8. When necessary, our program may partner with expert with demonstrated knowledge of family violence offender dynamics in parent education, child abuse, and child development to provide an accurate impression about the effects of family violence on children.

Class Schedule & Costs

18-24 weekly opened-ended sessions; 2 hours per session, once a week for court ordered classes
(Breaks, assessments and orientation, and exit sessions are not to be included in towards the 36 hours)

Intake: $40 (One Time Fee)
Group Sessions: $25 per session

  • All classes are open-ended and participants can begin at any time.
  • All participants will receive unlimited progress reports.
  • Certificate of Completion (upon successful completion).

Exit Session

Men’s Exit (English)
Monday 5pm-6pm
Tuesday 5pm-6pm
Men’s Exit (Spanish)
Wednesday 5pm-6pm
Sunday 9am-10am

Battering Intervention Class Options


Probation OfficerAttorneyCPS CaseworkerOther

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